Instruments of the 2000 NSSME

Science and Mathematics Program Questionnaires
Science and Mathematics Program Questionnaires were administered to science/mathematics program heads at each of the 1,297 schools in the 2000 National Survey. Items asked about

  • 1. Courses offered at the school
  • 2. Resources committed to science/mathematics instruction
  • 3. Factors affecting instruction
  • Science Program Questionnaire
  • Mathematics Program Questionnaire
  • Science and Mathematics Teacher Questionnaires
    Science and Mathematics Teacher Questionnaires were administered to grades K-12 science/mathematics teachers. Items ask about

    • 1. Teacher opinions
    • 2. Teacher background (including coursework and professional development)
    • 3. Information about science/mathematics classes taught
    • 4. Detailed information about a randomly selected class, including objectives and instructional activities
    • 5. Teacher demographics
  • Science Teacher Questionnaire
  • Mathematics Teacher Questionnaire
  • Science and Mathematics Presidential Awardees Questionnaires
    Science and Mathematics Presidential Awardee Questionnaires were administered to all recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics teaching. Items ask Awardees about:

    • 1. Their current occupation
    • 2. How they spent the money accompanying the award
    • 3. The impact the award had on them
  • Science Presidential Awardee Questionnaire
  • Mathematics Presidential Awardee Questionnaire
  • Copyright and Usage
    Horizon Research, Inc. (HRI) holds a copyright on all instruments associated with the 2000 NSSME. HRI grants permission for unlimited use of the instruments, whether in whole or part, for non-commercial purposes. HRI requires that proper attribution be given if the instruments, in whole or part, are used.