2012 Instruments

Teacher Questionnaires

The audience for the teacher questionnaires is K-12 science and mathematics teachers. It solicits information regarding their opinions, their preparation, and their teacher practice. The questionnaire was developed and administered to a nationally representative sample of science and mathematics teachers as part of the 2012 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education. All of the participating teachers answered a core set of items (about 25-30 minutes of survey time). In addition, teachers were randomly assigned to one of two sets of additional items, Matrix A or Matrix B (about 10-15 minutes of survey time). Teacher questionnaires were also customized for “self-contained” and “not self-contained” teachers. Web-based administration allowed customization of surveys “on the fly,” such that respondents were not presented with irrelevant items.

  • Science Teacher Questionnaire
  • Mathematics Teacher Questionnaire
  • Program Questionnaires

  • Science Program Questionnaire
  • Mathematics Program Questionnaire
  • School Coordinator Questionnaire
  • Instrument Development

    Instrument development began with the questionnaires used in earlier NSSMEs (1977, 1985, 1993, and 2000). The project Advisory Board, comprised of experienced researchers in science and mathematics education, reviewed the 2012 draft questionnaires and made recommendations about retaining, revising, or deleting items. Drafts of the questionnaires were also sent to a number of professional organizations for review; these included the National Science Teachers Association, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and the National Catholic Education Association. The survey instruments were revised based on feedback from the various reviewers and field tested to help ensure that individual items were clear and unambiguous and that the survey as a whole will provide the necessary information with the least possible burden on participants. The Science and Mathematics Teacher Questionnaires are composed of a combination of yes/no, fill-in, and three- and five-point Likert scale items; requiring 30-40 minutes to complete. The Science and Mathematics Program Questionnaires are composed of a combination of yes/no, fill-in, and three- and five-point Likert scale items, requiring 20-25 minutes to complete. Finally, a brief school background questionnaire asked about school-level characteristics; e.g., student enrollment, STEM focus. All surveys were web based.

    Copyright and Usage

    Horizon Research, Inc. (HRI) holds a copyright on all instruments associated with the 2012 NSSME. HRI grants permission for unlimited use of the instruments, whether in whole or part, for non-commercial purposes. HRI requires that proper attribution be given if the instruments, in whole or part, are used.