2018 NSSME+ Briefing Book

The Briefing Book consists of slides showing results from the 2018 NSSME+, which can be drawn upon for creating presentations about K–12 science, mathematics, and computer science education. It follows the structure of the Report of the 2018 NSSME+, and consists of 22 sets of PowerPoint slides. The “Study Overview” describes the study design, instruments, and response rates. It also includes an acknowledgment slide that should be included in any presentation utilizing Briefing Book slides. The remaining sets of slides correspond to chapters 2–7 of the 2018 NSSME+ report, with multiple sets of slides for each chapter (for science, mathematics, computer science, as well as cross-subject slides when available).

Information on using the Briefing Book can be found in:

  • An Introduction to the 2018 NSSME+ Briefing Book (PDF, 296KB)
  • The siginificance calculator described in the introduction is linked below:

  • Significance Calculator for Percentages (XLSX, 15KB)
  • The following presentation slides are available as PowerPoint (.pptx) files.

  • Study Overview